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Workstation Laptops: Are they Worth it?

The pandemic has changed the way we work and live a lot. Many employees now have got used to working from home. But since these days many employees work a few days from home and the rest of the week in the office, having a mobile workstation seems necessary to them.

Workstation computers are computers with high-end computing features. These features include faster graphic processors, additional memory, and more powerful CPUs. These features may make the workstation laptop weigh slightly more than other standard laptops. However, for professionals who need features of a workstation laptop, the weight is not a big deal as long as they are portable. The most important things a mobile workstation should be able to do are 3D design, multimedia creation, and scientific computing.

There are different generations of mobile stations. This article first discusses the features and requirements of a workstation laptop. It then introduces some available refurbished workstation laptops in UAE, including one refurbished Dell workstation and one refurbished HP workstation. 

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Why a workstation laptop?

Although many people think notebooks are less potent than desktop alternatives, many high-performance workstation laptops are suitable for professional gamers and designers who care about fast speeds and powerful graphics. Users of workstation laptops can add accessories to their computers to enhance their storage capacity, usability, and battery life.

Finding the right balance between screen size, performance, and portability is a big decision when you want to buy a workstation laptop. But when you find the most suitable workstation laptop for yourself, you can enjoy its several benefits. They are portable and easy to use anywhere. The compact size of workstation laptops makes them a convenient option for storage in areas with limited space. 

Suitable for work and gaming 

Notebook workstations are improving daily in terms of performance and power so they can compete with desktop computers. People use high-end workstations for data analysis, gaming, professional-grade video and photo editing, 3D animation, rendering, and CAD software. Users can upgrade the workstations with laptop internal hard drives to enhance their performance. Gamers should choose a model with a high-end GPU. GPUs, or Graphic Processing Units, are often fixed on the laptop and cannot be changed or upgraded later. If speed is not that important, select a workstation laptop with higher resolutions like 4K. But if speed is critical to you, choose a lower screen resolution to maximize the performance. 

Work location independency

Workstation Laptops provide an easy solution for gamers, students, professionals, and anyone who needs to use their computers from different locations. For the convenience of those who like to use tablets, some models convert to a touch-screen tablet form. You can edit photographs and videos in detail and scroll and zoom easier by using a responsive touch-screen model. Mobile workstations are available in different weights. If you travel a lot, we recommend going for a lightweight laptop with a smaller screen size for greater ease of transport.

Ease of store

Workstation laptops, being compact, are a good choice for offices and homes with limited space. The small size and light weight of these workstations make it easy to move them between the office and home or when traveling. All you need is a laptop case or bag.

Customizable with accessories

Add a laptop cooling pad to your workstation for more efficient performance. It helps control temperature during high-performance processing. Another helpful item for gamers and those working long hours is an ergonomic mouse or keyboard. If you care about keeping your working space clutter-free, buy Bluetooth accessories. If the battery life is essential to you, buying wired accessories might be a better idea. You can use your laptop workstation for longer in places where the main power supply is inaccessible with external battery packs. Buying external hard drives is a good idea for those who own a laptop workstation that doesn’t have the option to upgrade internally. You can also use the external hard drive for backup storage that needs to be kept in a separate location.

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What are the requirements of a workstation laptop?

Although classifications vary from brand to brand, some features are common among all mobile workstations. Most workstation laptops will have many or all of the following components.

Multiple Processor Cores

The first thing a workstation laptop should be able to do is handling many programs simultaneously, especially when using a tremendous amount of memory. Companies usually use an 8th Generation Intel® i5 or higher or a comparable processor from another brand in a workstation computer.


Solid-state drives have no moving parts, unlike standard hard drives. SSDs work faster and last longer as they are less prone to physical failure. These drives are designed to handle the workload of systems that work long hours and even all day.

Graphic Processing Unit

All laptops have graphics cards or processors, but a mobile workstation needs a much-upgraded GPU. It helps relieve the CPU of the work in displaying graphics on the monitor. GPU results less lag when performing graphic-intense tasks like CAD and 3D rendering.

ECC memory

An ECC memory can detect and correct data corruption to help sensitive processes continue. This is a feature that typical computers don’t have.

When doing some processes like scientific and arithmetic ones, even the smallest interruption in the calculation matters. So, ECC memory is needed for daily computing tasks in such industries.

RAID (redundant array of independent disks)

This system uses more than one hard drive to store information. It decreases the possibility of a crash wiping your system and makes processing and storing data more efficient.

Now that we know about the features of a workstation laptop, it’s time to think about the prices. Having such powerful mobile computers is not cheap for sure. One way to have the best bang for your buck is by buying refurbished. You can have the best configuration for your budget with a refurbished workstation laptop. Suppose you don’t have any idea about where you can get workstation laptops in UAE and workstation laptop prices in UAE. In that case, we will introduce two refurbished workstations here.

1. Dell Precision 7510 Laptop

refurbished dell workstations

  • Processor: Intel XEON CPU
  • Graphics: NVIDIA QUADRO M2000M 4GB GDDR5
  • Storage: 512GB HDD
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4 
  • Display: 15.6 inch
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 378 x 261 x 27.8 mm
  • Weight: 2.79 Kg

Precision workstations are the best workstation brand in the world. They offer Dell’s most reliable and highest-performing mobile workstations. Just like other Dell workstations, Dell Precision 7510 Laptop is fully customizable for professional applications. Precision mobile workstations offer you Intel 55W processors, professional NVIDIA graphics, and advanced thermal designs for the most efficient performance. Refurbished Dell workstations are reliable mission-critically. Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) Pro and Error Correction Code (ECC) memory working together reduce memory-related errors significantly.

2. HP ZBook 15u G3

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-6th Generation
  • Graphics: AMD FirePro W4190M 2GB 
  • Storage: 512GB SSD 
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4
  • Display: 15.6 inch
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 383 x 257 x 19.9 mm
  • Weight: 1.89 Kg

Z is a series of workstation laptops by HP, engineered to outperform the typical PCs. These workstations are designed for demanding projects. If you do data analysis, visualization, real-time rendering, or animation and 3D design, Z workstation laptops by HP are one of the most powerful computers that can perform such tasks easily. HP ZBook 15u G3 with a powerful Intel Core i7-6th Generation CPU and AMD high-end graphics is capable of heavy-duty processing tasks. Z workstation laptops can run the largest applications simultaneously and save time. Suppose you are a data scientist and analyst, an IT professional, architect, engineer and construction manager, or a media and entertainment professional. In that case, you can consider purchasing an HP ZBook 15u G3 for your work. Here, you can see this workstation laptop prices in UAE.

Final Words

Workstations are the most appropriate solution for people who need potent computers for work and gaming. These computers have more powerful CPUs and GPUs and features that make huge data processing amounts and perform heavy-duty tasks possible without interruption and error. Although there are other workstations like tower or rack workstations, workstation laptops are easier to use since they are portable. Workstation laptops that different manufacturers produce may have different specs. Still, they are all more powerful than computers designed for other purposes.