Bulk Order

As one of the largest retail sellers of refurbished laptops, IT SIZER is ready to cooperate with all individuals and institutions to supply laptops and wholesale used laptops for sale.


The important news is that from now on, you can buy laptops in bulk at a lower price in the UAE, and you can order as many laptops as you want, and the laptop price will be calculated for you.

Wholesale laptop dealers in Dubai

If you are selling laptops or computer services and intend to sell refurbished laptops to your customers, you can buy from us at a lower price than the price list on the site and get a reasonable profit.

Selling wholesale laptops to organizations and institutions

Also, IT SIZER has a significant distribution of laptops for organizations and companies. If any organization or institution needs it, we can provide refurbished laptops at a lower price for the organization.

Today, the existence of technology in every field is undeniable, and it has become an inseparable part of people's lives. And in a much more serious way, companies and institutions depend on computers and communications, and every company with at least one employee needs five laptops or systems, so The company's work will go on properly, and the absence of a laptop and computer system will disrupt the work.

For this reason, managers turn to laptop bulk deals to meet the needs of the company and employees and buy the desired number of different models from the same model. But by buying a large number of IT SIZER, in addition to saving money, they can do their shopping in a short period of time.

If you want to buy refurbished laptops in bulk, you can contact us by filling out the above form.