Refurbished vs Used: Is it better to buy refurbished or used?

Is it Better to Buy Refurbished or Used?

New electronics are often expensive. Those who want to keep up with the latest technologies but don’t like to spend a fortune on their electronic devices may prefer to buy a refurbished or used device. some other people tend to buy refurbished or used devices to save the environment. No matter what your reason for not buying a new device is, you might need to know the exact difference between a refurbished and a used device to make the best choice. Here is our refurbished vs used article in which you can see the differences, pros, and cons of each.

Before comparing used and refurbished electronics, let’s see what are refurbished and used devices.

What are used and refurbished electronics?

Used and refurbished devices are not brand-new products. Used devices, also known as pre-owned or secondhand, are products that another consumer has bought, used, and wants to sell. Refurbished devices which are also known as remanufactured or reconditioned devices are products that have been bought, used, and then returned as used or faulty. In fact, we can say while not all used devices are refurbished, almost all refurbished electronics are used.

Refurbished vs used electronics

Here are some of the main differences between refurbished and used products:

Seller: used products come straight from the previous consumer. Refurbished products are sold by retailers or manufacturers.

Cost: in most cases, a used item will be cheaper than a refurbished one. Both refurbished and used products are cheaper than new devices.

Warranties: many refurbished devices come with a warranty. The length of the warranty could be between 90 days and one year, depending on who did the refurbishing and the seller you are buying the product from. It also may depend on the age of the device, and refurbish category. Used products usually come with no or a limited warranty as they have not been checked and are being sold by the previous user.

Like-new condition: refurbished device sellers repair every damaged component of an electronic device in the refurbishing process and make sure the refurbished device works properly. They also clean the product and replace worn exterior parts like faceplates and buttons in many cases. But used devices are available just the way they are; they may be kept good and have only scratches and battery degradation, and may come with damages that affect usability.

Accessories: Depending on the seller, many refurbished items come with all their accessories, a brand-new box, and cable. Used electronic devices may come with or without their box, cable, and accessories. Clearly, accessories that come with a used product might be used by the previous user.

To conclude this refurbished vs used post, here are the most important differences between new, refurbished, and used electronics in a table:

Refurbished vs used

Refurbished vs used: which one to buy?

In the majority of cases, the best choice between a used and a refurbished product is the refurbished one. When buying a refurbished product, you can assure that the device has been returned to a close-to-new condition and is also cheaper than a new one. They may also come with a warranty which decreases the risk of a bad purchase. Buying a used device may have more risk of getting a bad deal since it has not been checked and repaired and comes with no warranty. Moreover, it’s not easy to check everything works properly when receiving your device. When you buy refurbished, you don’t have to worry much since the reselling company has put it through tests before selling it. If you buy a used device from its current owner, you will have a more difficult job checking the device. Anyways, we recommend checking any used or refurbished device immediately after buying it.