All you need to know about buying a refurbished laptop

All You Need to Know About Buying a Refurbished Laptop


Looking for an affordable laptop may lead you to the path of considering buying a refurbished one. Buying a refurbished laptop may be a risky purchase at first, but by gaining more information, you can decide better. In this article, we do our best to explain all the things you need to know about buying a refurbished laptop and its potential risks.
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What is a refurbished Laptop?

Refurbished laptops are laptops that were returned by the customer due to hardware defects or appearance problems. And the agents return these devices to the manufacturer or their contracting companies to repair. The factories send the devices to the market for sale after repair and re-testing. But on their box, they add a" refurbished "label. These laptops are offered for sale in large numbers. The refurbished laptops, in addition to all the usual quality control that is done in factories; go through several stages of testing and quality control.

What is a refurbished laptop meaning?

A refurbished laptop is not a second-hand laptop. Unlike refurbished laptops, most used laptops do not have a warranty. These are computers that are returned to the manufacturer for some reasons like minor defects. These "defects" are often aesthetic, such as scratches on body. That is the meaning of a refurbished laptop.
Here’s an example to understand the meaning of refurbished laptop better.
Imagine you buy a new laptop, you have opened it, and noticed a problem with its appearance or hardware. For example, you notice a scratch on its display. In this situation, you probably use the warranty and return the laptop to the supplier.
But what about the returned laptop? is it dumped in landfills? It will be repaired by the company and re-launched with a unique mark or text at a lower price. These laptops are called refurbished laptops.

Are refurbished computers safe and reliable? Is it make sense to buy a refurbished laptop?

Many refurbished laptops come with a 25% discount over their original prices. More importantly, a high-quality refurbished laptop will work like a new one. Also, as mentioned before, these refurbished laptops undergo a lot of testing.
All of them ensure that you get a laptop without any hardware or software issues. Since most of their original hardware components are new, refurbished laptops can have the same lifetime as new laptops. It means that they give you an average life expectancy, at least three to five years. In addition, most of the refurbished products are equipped with the latest processing systems. If it is not an Apple product, it would have the latest Microsoft Windows. These refurbished laptops have a test period and even a warranty. 
refurbished products are reliable as long as they are repaired by the manufacturer and have at least 6-month warranty. Otherwise, the authenticity of the product will be questioned and it is better to avoid buying such products.
Buying a refurbished laptop

Why to buy refurbished laptops?

There are many reasons to buy a refurbished laptop. In the following we mention two of them:

1. To help the environment:

When buying a refurbished laptop, you are not only increasing the lifespan of its component, but also you are ultimately helping to reduce the number of computers and laptops that are going to landfill and contributing to the e-waste problem.

2. To save money:

If you are looking for high-quality laptops and do not have enough money; Refurbished laptops can be the best choice. These laptops may have small scratches due to transportation (in many cases they do not have scratches), but in terms of price and quality, they have a very high purchase value.

What’s the difference between used, open box, and refurbished laptops?

Many people consider refurbished laptops meaning to be second-hand or repaired laptops, which is not true at all. A refurbished product is a product that has not been used. They were returned to the manufacturer and repaired due to a technical defect in the production line, in principle, these products are completely original and have the same quality as the new ones. But the second-hand laptops are consumed and its quality depends on how the previous user used it.

Refurbished laptops meaning

As mentioned above, the company release the refurbished laptop with a refurbished label after several times of various tests and confirmation of its complete health. These laptops are not sold as new laptops. 
Repairmen remove each laptop to inspect for damaged parts. They test battery performance, display, power supply unit, and connections. They check the processors as well as the hard drive and optical drive. Defective or lost components such as RAM, capacitors, or hard disks are then replaced.
Refurbishers completely erase all data and fix device problems. These devices then receive their new operating system, which in most cases is the latest version. Finally, the refurbished laptop is packaged. They then sell it themselves or send it to a retailer.

Second-hand laptops or used laptops

Second-hand laptops are those laptops that are sold because of some issues. Or simply because the owner want to buy a new laptop with more up-to-date specifications. The laptop that does not go through any of the steps  of refurbished laptops is a second-hand laptop. Second-hand goods are graded, some goods that are not used at all receive grade A. These goods have a price close to the new ones and it does not make much sense to buy them, because you can buy a new one by a little more money. Products that are somewhat used but very high-quality will receive B-grade. These types have fairly price, even up to the half of new one price. B-grade laptops have a high purchase value and we suggest you do not go for buying grade C; These products are usually repaired and are old and these have reached the end of their life.
Buying a second hand laptop

Open Box laptops

Open Box laptops, or Open Box products in general, refer to pre-open box products. These products are sold in European countries with a 1-month sales guarantee, and the customer may return the product within this month for any reason. These products are named as Open Box. These products do not have any appearance or technical problems, they even have a warranty card.

Why the customer returns the product if there are no technical or appearance defects?

There are many reasons to return these products. The customer may return the product after a few days due to the wrong color, or minor defects that can be solved. Sometimes the customer will return it due to the lack of information to work with the device. The laptop may not support some software or games and the customer may decide to buy a higher model, etc.

Are refurbished laptops different from repaired laptops?

Some retailors open laptops that may have problems with the board or its parts and sell the laptop after solving the problem or replacing the broken part. But the Refurbished laptop is different from this case. According to meaning of refurbished laptop we mentioned above, refurbished laptops undergo various hardware tests by the company and under the supervision of the company's expertise. If the complete health of the devices is confirmed, they will be released to the store. In this case, it can be said that such laptops are even more reliable than new laptops.
Refurbished laptops were never defective and will be available to the customer in the form of new ones. Refurbished laptops, as mentioned, are not second-hand or repaired, only rebuilt, because of having minor defects. These laptops are guaranteed and come at a lower price. 
The main reason for buying a refurbished laptop is its price. So, in a situation where the price is not much different from the first-hand model, buying it is futile.
Before buying a refurbished laptop, be sure to check the price of the new one or similar models. If there is a small price difference between a new and a refurbished laptop, there is no justification for buying a refurbished laptop.

Potential risks in buying a refurbished laptop

There is no risk as long as you buy a refurbished laptop provided by a reputable store. Refurbished laptops are actually a big deal with PC makers like Dell and HP. These companies put their name behind such devices.
In the process, they select only highly experienced regenerators. This ensures that the product has undergone thorough testing and proper repair. Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing the battery. You also do not have to worry about a refurbished laptop failing in just a few months. Just make sure you buy a refurbished laptop from an authorized store. Because in some stores they offer refurbished laptops at a high price, even at the price of new laptops. Or they will give you a second-hand laptop instead of a refurbished laptop. We offer refurbished laptops at reasonable prices in the ItSizer store. Refurbished laptops in our store are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with them within the 15-day test period, you can return the laptop and get your refund.


3 Things to consider before buying a refurbished laptop


1. Buy from reputable stores

Many online stores sell second-hand instead of refurbished laptops. So, if you do not want to buy a second-hand laptop instead of refurbished, go to stores that are reliable. In addition, reputable sites like ITSIZER give you a few days to test all parts of your laptop. Do not trust ads and websites that do not have special credibility.

2. Compare the price of the refurbished laptop via its new model

The main reason for buying a refurbished laptop is its price; So, in a situation where the price is not much different from the new one, buying it is futile.

3. If the price of a refurbished laptop is too good, doubt it

Sometimes you see ads for the sale of laptops at a very low price; For example, they offer a refurbished Core i7 laptop at a very low price. At first glance, you would think that this is what you were looking for, but the fact is that Microsoft Surface or a laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor should not have such a price.
So do not get too excited if you see such ads; Because you are definitely either dealing with a device that has serious problems or you may be the victim of a scam.
Buying a refurbished laptop potential risks

What should you do after you buy a refurbished laptop?

The most critical part of the process of buying a refurbished computer and laptop is that you should test the performance of its various components in a limited time.

1. Examine the body of the laptop

Check the condition of the laptop body carefully. Any bump can be a sign of faulty hardware. Also check for any screws in the device, as the existence of any screws in the device means that the laptop has been opened and repaired by non-specialists.

2. Check the laptop screen

You should definitely turn on the laptop in the presence of the seller or during the test. Examine the different parts of the screen. If you notice burned pixels or image corruption, call the seller immediately.

3. Check all the keys

 Try to check all ports on keyboard and touchpad. Buying A refurbished laptop that has a problem with its keyboard or touchpad can be a very bad experience. If you are 100% sure that you are always using the mouse, you do not need to be very sensitive to the touchpad, but do not simply skip the keyboard. Test the keys thoroughly to make sure they are all working properly.

How to identify a refurbished laptop

 Unfortunately, some online shops sell refurbished laptops without a box or with a counterfeit box as an open box laptop. One way to identify a refurbished product is to have a yellow or red label affixed to the back of the laptop and on the box, which reads: "Refurbished". Of course, in most cases, sellers remove these tags so that they are not easily identifiable. Some inexperienced sellers mistakenly think that these devices have poor quality. But it is not true. If you are buying from a safe and valid store where offers you a valid guarantee, do not worry. Because the official refurbished laptops of the factory are completely safe and approved.
If you have no knowledge, what should you do? Can everyone distinguish Open Box, refurbished, and second-hand laptops? Definitely not. The best thing to do is to get help from expert and reputable stores. You can also buy a refurbished laptop in UAE from reputable stores such as ITSIZER. You can find all kinds of refurbished laptops by visiting our site. Also you can buy them at a competitive price and cheaper than the market. Shipping is free for the UAE.

Another way to identify a refurbished product

Write down the serial number and enter it on the manufacturer's site. Most brands will report whether the product is refurbished or not. In total we suggest, be sure to buy from reputable sites or people.

How can you tell the difference between a refurbished laptop and a new laptop?

A refurbished laptop is supposed to work just like a new laptop and be functional. The best solution is to check the serial number of the device on the manufacturer's website.

How much cheaper is a refurbished laptop?

 Refurbished laptops usually have a discount of 10 to 25 percent or more. This can save a considerable amount of money compared to the price of a new model.

Types of refurbished laptops

Not all refurbished laptops are good systems, so doing some research will offset the potential costs of a bad purchase. The best solution is to compare the current price of the Refurbish laptop with the new device.
With all of these definitions of refurbished laptops, companies may have different types of refurbished products to offer. You may find these products on the market under different terms such as "recertified", "repaired", "refurbished" and "like new".


Buying refurbished laptops may sound risky, but if you buy from reputable stores, you do not need to be worry. We are trying to provide you complete guidance on buying refurbished laptops. If you do not have enough knowledge, be sure to accompany a professional friend or contact with ITSIZER. We look forward to your calls or messages.


Tell us about your experience of buying a refurbished laptop. Are you satisfied with your purchase?