Due to the sensitivity of in providing high quality laptops for customer satisfaction, these laptops have the same performance as the new products and the only difference is in their appearance. So these laptops do not have sharp breaks or scratches and all laptop parts, including keyboard, body, LCD, etc. can be fully used.

Refurbished products in ITSIZER are divided into 2 Grades, Grade A and Grade B in terms of appearance.​


What is the refurbished product of Grade A?

These products are suitable for those who care a lot about the appearance of the laptop.

They have been tested many times so that they have no problems and you can expect the same functionality as you expect from a new product.

The Grade A products are high-qualified and they are in excellent condition in terms of appearance, and most of the time you will not find any signs of a refurbished product in them.

 • Tested and 100% functional ✔️ 


What is the refurbished product of Grade B?

Grade B products are fully functional  like new products and have been tested many times and guaranteed.

The only difference between a Grade B product and a Grade A product is light scratches that are not very visible and obvious.

The product may have minimal scratches or dents.  They are more economical than Grade A products.

By buying these products, you can save more money and buy a product just like a new one at a lower price.

• Tested and 100% functional. ✔️ 





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