Dell Latitude E5420 Business Laptop, Intel Core i5-2nd Generation CPU, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, 14 Inch Display, Windows 10 Pro, Refurbished Laptop
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  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2nd Generation
  • Graphics: Intel
  • Storage: 320GB SATA
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Display: 14 inch 
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 350 x 240 x 29.9 mm
  • Weight: 2.04 Kg

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Latitude E5420
CPU Core
Intel Core i5
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Business, Programming

Dell Latitude E5420 Price and Review

Take your company everywhere with the Dell E5420 refurbished laptop. Don't worry about the large volume of your work, as the Dell Latitude E5420 will always be with you. The 14 -inch Dell Latitude E5420 i5 is a great option for those looking for a laptop with a portable feature.

Dell Latitude E5420 Specs

The Dell E5420 has a high resistance body. The laptop's top to the bottom is covered with a three-metal-resistant compound that enhances its stability level against threatening conditions. The Dell Latitude E5420 refurbished laptop monitor has also been heavily reinforced using aluminum so that it does not happen to your laptop display in long-term physical displacement.

Also, the metal hinges used to connect the body to the display prevent the accidental opening of the laptop so that the internal part will not be in trouble. Of course, the role of the specific lock is not overlooked. The screen is covered with a protective frame around the screen so that if the physical impact, the pressure of the blows will not disrupt your laptop. Magnesium alloy anti-leakage keyboard and the internal structure of magnesium alloy prevent unfortunate events such as the main board burns.

The Dell E5420 laptop is an efficient member of the E series; Because under any circumstances, it can serve its prolific users and, in addition to the hardware and security power, is capable of enduring unpleasant conditions.

Dell Latitude E5420 Performance

The Dell Latitude E5420 is capable of running various accounting, office, and the like, using the power of the Del Latitude E5420. Relying on the multi-stranded feature, this dual-core processor can simultaneously execute and control four strings. In combination with this processor, it is 4GB of DDR3 RAM, suitable for running applications such as Office Programs and more. Of course, if you perform different computing programs simultaneously, this laptop can upgrade its RAM capacity. Also, to store information and install various applications, the Dell Latitude E5420 laptop uses HDD memory with 320 GB. Of course, higher capacities can also be used if needed. Even if you ne

ed faster access to information, use SSD high-speed memory instead of high-speed HDD memory to increase the operating system's speed, speeding up other applications and other bulky files.
Since the Dell Latitude E5420's refurbished laptop is made for non-graphic works, the proprietary GPU is not used in its structure. Still, the HD 3000 integrated graphics card can run simple image editing applications such as Photoshop and light games like FIFA 14 (2013) and Dota 2.

Dell Latitude E5420 Ports

The Dell E5420 refurbished laptop can communicate with different devices with a variety of ports. The three-generation USB ports on the three sides of the left, right, and back of the laptop provide the basis for communication between different devices such as printers, keyboards, and more. It should be noted that the ESATA port is also capable of communicating with USB output devices, so it can be considered that this Dell laptop has four USB ports. You can also increase the number of USB ports by connecting to the USB hub.

To communicate between laptops and image output devices such as the external projector and monitor, simply connect the laptop to these devices using VGA or HDMI video ports. Of course, if the output of your video and laptop devices did not coordinate, don't worry; conversions allow effective communication between the laptop and the visual output. Today, Firewire output devices are rarely used, but if you are still using a device with this output, the Dell E5420 will also be able to provide services. The Dell Latitude E5420 Secondhand laptop also allows network equipment access using the LAN port.

Dell Latitude E5420 Business Laptop, Intel Core i5-2nd Generation

  • ✔️ Dell Latitude E5420 Business Laptop, Intel Core i5-2nd Generation CPU and 4GB
  • ✔️ 320GB HDD | the powerful Windows 10 Pro. | 14 inch Display | Intel Graphics
  • ✔️ Thickness & Weight: 29 mm and 2.04 Kg
  • ✔️ Refurbished products have been professionally inspected and tested to work and look like new. The inspection and testing process usually includes a full diagnostic test, replacement of any faulty parts, and a thorough cleaning
  • ✔️ The product may have minimal scratches or dents. Boxes may be generic. Accessories may not be original, but will be compatible and fully functional. This product is eligible for a replacement or refund within 15 days of receipt if you are not satisfied
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